Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wash Those Worries Down the Drain!!!

WOW! What a productive day. Ok, so maybe I didn't really do a ton, but one of the things I did I have wanted to get done for years, so that one counts for like 10 other things right? Let me start out with a little background knowledge. I am one of those non hippie hippies. You know the ones that don't wear patchouli or Birkenstocks, but still care about what goes in and on my body and the planet. I back peddle to clarify that there is nothing wrong with being a straight up hippie, it's just not me, that's all. Ok, so now that you get me a little more we can move on to my days big GREEN conquest!!! For years I have been forced to pour a liquid clog opener down the bathtub drains in our house because every few months they start to drain slow. I know, I know, that is terrible for the planet, my families health and the poor little pipes in my house, but what's a girl to do? You can't exactly live with backed up drains. GROSS!!! So for years I have wanted to manually clear out these drains and then maintain them in green fashion with boiling water, vinegar and baking soda. This is where my little problem comes in. I have these drain plugs in my tubs that are the pop up kind where you push them down to close the drain and then pull up on them to open it again. Well... for years I have been trying to figure out how to remove them so that I can clean out the actual drain. Yes, I know it's pathetic that I tell you this tiny little task has been plaguing me for years now, but hey truth is truth and that's the way I roll. As you can see I'm not too proud to admit it :) So anyway, I finally looked this little task up online and realized that some other beautiful soul has suffered with this same issue and thank goodness they actually figured it out!!! All I had to do was unscrew the actual knob that you use to push and pull the drain open and closed. GENIUS!!! So now that I had access to my pipe I could see why there was a slow drain. Ummmmmm, can I just tell you there was a creature living in there. It wasn't pretty people, I won't go into specifics, but lets just say I had no idea that much hair had actually left my head. GROSS!!! So after I extracted this hair creature from the drain I was ready to start my upkeep process. I can't tell you how absolutely giddy with excitement I get about stuff like this. I was as jazzed as a kid on Christmas to get that water boiling. After dumping about 12 cups of boiling hot water down each drain (we have two bathrooms in our house) I was ready for my vinegar volcano!!! I loaded the drain with a half cup of baking soda, kind of moving it around and pushing it down with a long metal rod. Once it was all in I slowly poured in two cups of hot vinegar that I had heated in the microwave. The fizzing and bubbling was awesome!!! I was so stinkin' happy as I watched my troubles go down the drain. For the drain in bathroom two that was actually acting up with the slow drain, I ended up having to use an extra cup of hot vinegar, but it worked like a charm and I am happy to report that all drains are on the up and up now. My next step is to get one of those hair trap thingys that you can put in the drain opening and a simple removable plug. This way I can prevent anymore hair creatures from growing in the drain and I can easily maintain them with my vinegar volcanos every week!!! Yeah for me, yeah for the planet, and yeah for you because hopefully you will never have to admit something like this took you years to conquer now that you've read this post lol :) 
Hope you found a bright Moe-ment in your day!
MOE :)
Still reading (and LOVING) all three Sophie Uliano books. I thank her for the inspiration to finally put an end to this drain nonsense! Thanks Sophie!!!

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Alex & Terilynn said...

I have the same plugs.You have inspired me! Thanks!