Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Ok, so my hubby says that I'm going backwards as I progress forward. What in the world am I talking about? This amazing little contraption I call the clothesline!!! Yes my friends, I am over the moon excited about a few strings of twine that are hanging in my backyard. We've been talking for a couple of years now about buying a clothesline, but if you know us, you also know that we like to kick ideas around for a bit... sometimes that bit can be years :) So with spring in the air and feeling all inspired by my new Gorgeous books I set about doing what I do best. Researching the internet for the best contraption at nothing less than the best price. Something you will come to learn about me is that I can research the crap out of just about anything! I must admit however that this was one of my shortest research binges to date. That was due to the sticker shock I experienced after seeing the price of clotheslines and then my curiosity after seeing a couple of posts from people who made their own lines. The frugal girl in me quickly came to the realization that if my clothes were going on a line it was gonna be a home made (free) one. I knew I didn't have two trees to hang a line between and I knew there was no way I had a couple of T poles hanging around that I was some how unaware of, so I started surveying the yard for a missed opportunity and VOILA, perfection. I saw the perfect little spot where I could string something (I wasn't quite sure what yet), from my cabana to the fence. Oh boy was I amped!!! I started rummaging through the garage for something, anything that I could string. In moments like this I get pretty hell bent on accomplishing the task at hand and sometimes make, well let's just say, not the best decisions because I'm just too excited to, you know, take my time :) So I first spotted a roll of metal wire, but soon realized that not only was it a bit too thick, but it was also a little rusty so not the best to hang clean clothes. I then spotted a whole bunch of electrical wire (hubby happens to be an electrical engineer, so he has things like this just hanging out). I thought, maybe, but not perfect, and then I spotted the roll of twine and the ding, ding, ding went off in my head. Next thing you know, I was out the back door and madly stringing and tying my twine into place!!! Now was the big test, would it actually hold clothes? This is where you know I was really excited about this idea, because laundry is not my forte, but I rushed in and started a load. As soon as it sopped I was out there neatly hanging each piece of clothes ever so nicely on my little masterpiece, and to my amazement it worked like a charm. A bit more give in the twine than a good old wire, but it still held up and got the job done. I have to tell you, there was something so peaceful and therapeutic about standing in the crisp morning air and listening to the birds as the neighborhood woke up. I got a double joy out of putting something to use that I had concocted with my own brain and braun (even though it didn't take much of either). Even though this little project was "Easy Like Sunday Morning", it left me feeling not only connected to this beautiful world we live in, but also to myself. I hope you found a wonderful Moe-ment in your day!
MOE :)
Pic to come, I was just as excited to take the clothes down as I was to put them up so I forgot to snap a picture! Next time!!!